July 19, 2024

Internal Family Systems Resources (IFS)

IFS Videos from a Christian Perspective

The Different Parts Of Me w/ Jenna Riemersma (FULL EPISODE)

Internal Family Systems & Addiction w/ Jenna Riemersma (FULL EPISODE) – Part 1 of 2

Internal Family Systems & Betrayal w/ Jenna Riemersma (FULL EPISODE) – Part 2 of 2

IFS Books Both Christian and Secular

Some of these resource are secular, and some are presented from a Christian perspective. I have found them all necessary for my journey. 

The first secular resource by the founder of IFS offers a baseline framework of the model and how he discovered it. 

The Christian authors capture more of how the IFS framework is expressed in Scripture. 

The last book is secular and presents a self-counseling approach that one person or two friends can use together. 

There are also many YouTube videos of interviews with Richard C. Schwartz that sometimes include him doing therapy with the interviewer.

Secular by the Founder

Christian Authors