July 19, 2024


I became a veterinarian in 1979, received a PhD in veterinary informatics in 1998, and earned a Masters degree in social work in 2009. When I was a practicing veterinarian, I saw colleagues struggle more with business and interpersonal issues than with medicine or surgery. It was not until after my social work training in counseling and psychotherapy that I began to understand the underlying causes of these issues, and that people bring the same character traits, anxieties, defenses, and coping strategies to work that they use at home.

Conflicts are going to occur among people in the workplace. The choice is between reacting with familiar defenses and coping strategies, or responding with understanding. I help people identify and understand their past patterns of interacting with others, and with that insight, develop effective ways of restoring, building, and maintaining effective working relationships.

Applied Learning Platform

I have also created the Applied Learning Platform that educators use to efficiently create and administer applied learning activities, such as exercises, scenarios, and cases for learners to work through and then build their evidence-based assessment. These assessments are an outlined representation of a learner's understanding that enables educators and learners to "see" what each other is thinking. Assessments also provide evidence of learning and competence.

Feel free to contact me to talk about how I may be of service to you or your organization. I look forward to hearing from you.